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For any business to be successful it must have an accurate payroll. If your employees are being paid more than they are owed, then you are losing money; if they are not being paid enough, then they are not receiving what they deserve. We offer payroll solutions that meet your business needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best-running your company. Federal, state and local payroll tax laws are frequently changing and becoming more complex. How much time do you want to spend learning all the rules and keeping your information up to date? TEDOLDI & ASSOCIATES can manage your payroll from start-to-finish. We can prepare your quarterly and year end payroll tax filings. We encourage business owners to certainly understand the management aspect of their payroll. To the extent that we can help manage the nuts-and-bolts of the process, payment and tax filing, we are happy to help.

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If you have any questions about the payroll services we offer for businesses, please give us a call at (631) 366-3683.